8 Different Types of Popular Microgreens

Microgreens are small vegetable greens that are still very young at the time of harvest. Microgreens starting gaining popularity in the 1980s and since then their popularity has only risen. Today, Microgreens are grown and eaten all over the world. Their main purpose is to add aroma and flavor to the dish. As clear from the name, ‘Microgreens’ are small in size but they pack massive nutritional value that can sometimes outmatch some of the mature vegetables.

Different Types of Popular Microgreens

Microgreens can be produced from several types of vegetables however based on different reasons; some Microgreens are more popular than the others. Some have a strong aroma while others add a very unique flavor to the meal. Today we are going to take a look at some of the most popular types of Microgreens out there.

Broccoli Microgreens

Broccoli might not be your kid’s favorite vegetable but there is no doubt that it is jam-packed with some of the most powerful nutrients in the world. Broccoli Microgreens are smaller in size as compared to their fully grown counterpart but they have almost the same amount of nutritional value. It is recommended to eat your Broccoli Microgreens in raw form as cooking can take away some of the nutritional value from it. Broccoli Microgreens are also very popular due to their medical benefits. They can help you fight against cancer, skin problems, heart diseases and many more.

Beetroot (Beet) Microgreens

Beetroot or just Beet is another popular Microgreen vegetable. If you are planning to grow Beetroot Microgreens then you should know that they take longer than some of the other Microgreens. They make an amazing addition to the salad. Not only do they add a musty flavor and aroma in the food, the dark and vivid red color also adds to the presentation of the food. 

Types of Microgreens
Types of Microgreens

Roquette Lettuce Microgreens

Roquette Lettuce is also known as Arugula. Arugula Microgreens can be harvested in just a week. They are not just packed with nutritional value, they are also very delicious. They have a very unique peppery flavor that can make your food more delicious. Arugula Microgreens can be added to any food you want. They can also be added to salads for their taste, nutritional value and presentation.

Kale Microgreens

Kale is one of the best Microgreens to be grown hydroponically. You can also grow it at home if you are familiar with the concept of hydroponics. Kale Microgreens can take up to 12 to days to grow but once they are grown they can be used in different types of dishes. Both the taste and appearance of Kale Microgreens slightly differs from their fully grown counterparts. In Microgreen form, they look like as if two leaves have been joined together. So they don’t just look good but also provide a lot of health benefits. Kale Microgreens have antioxidant properties in them which protect the body against many different conditions. Due to the health benefits, unique taste and appearance, Kale Microgreens are more popular than fully grown Kale.

Amaranth Microgreens

One of the most popular yet the most easily grown Microgreens out there. Amaranth Microgreens can be grown in about 12 days time but the best part about these Microgreens is that they can stay fresh for a very long time. So once they have been harvested you can save them in your fridge and use them whenever you like. There are many different species of Amaranth however Amaranth Microgreens that are most popular are found in Red color. These Microgreens are tender and have a mildly earthy and sweet flavor.

Clover Microgreens

Like Kale Microgreens, Clover Microgreens should also be grown hydroponically. They can be grown in the soil as well however it is recommended to grow them hydroponically for maximum yield.  Like most of the other Microgreens on this list, Clover Microgreens also take around 12 days to grow. Traditionally clover has been added to salads to enhance the taste. Clover Microgreens can be added to salad or sprinkled over any other type of food. It has a mildly sweet taste which depends on the day the microgreen was harvested. As the clover grows it starts losing its sweetness. So it’s better to harvest them at the right time when they are young, fresh and sweet. They are also popular for their health benefits as they are full of necessary nutrients like iron and calcium.

Buckwheat Microgreens

Buckwheat Microgreens are highly nutritious but it is recommended to not eat large amounts of buckwheat Microgreens at the same time. You need healthy soil to grow buckwheat Microgreens as they don’t grow to their full potential in a hydroponic setting. The leaves of these Microgreens are yellow when they first grow out however the color changes to green as the Microgreens grow. They can be harvested in around 12 days when they show a pale green color. If you prefer a gluten free diet then these Microgreens would make an amazing addition to your diet.

Pea Microgreens

If you are looking for Microgreens with a crunchy texture then these are the Microgreens to go for. Pea Microgreens are very popular and can be added to any type of food. They make for an ideal addition to a fruit salad. Pea Microgreens have a sweet flavor which enhances your entire eating experience when they are added to the food.

These are some of the most popular Microgreens that are known for their taste and health benefits. Microgreens can be grown from many different vegetables. The main purpose of growing and adding Microgreens to your food is to enhance the nutritional value and taste of your food. One of the best things about Microgreens is that they can be easily grown at home. You don’t even need a large garden to grow Microgreens. So if you are looking for healthy additions to your food get some vegetable seeds and start growing Microgreens at home. It will surely be a unique and amazing experience.

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